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Senior Collection Info


Prerequisites: FTT 308 and instructor permission. Offered spring only.


Fashion students must have completed:


1) Up to and including all FTT 300 level core courses.

2) All their 300 level required courses for their respective areas of concentration-apparel design and product development.

FTT students may enroll in the "Senior Project" (FTT 451) and choose to make a cohesive collection of 4-6 garments. The garments must follow our focus and will be presented in front of our Jury (deadline) for review. All submissions are shown to a group of fashion industry professionals and their decision on what will be included in the show is final.

Since the show is always held in the spring, it is strongly suggested that spring and summer style garments be made. Past years have shown that it is very difficult to get a winter garment past jury.


Here is a list of guidelines to follow in order to be successful going through the jury process:

  • Fill out an application.

  • Label each outfit with your name, type of garment, and the fabric used.

  • On a 4x6 index card write a short description of the garment. The description should not be longer than 30 seconds if read out loud. Turn in the application to Ms. Habes or one of the department Administrative Assistant (Natalie Pellnat). 


You MUST be present during the application process

  • Dress professionally

  • Bring the completed application

  • You will be reading a short statement about your design and how it fits this year's theme

  • Know your target market (really think about this)

  • Garments must be 100% completed and assembled by the student who is submitting the item

  • Garments must be submitted by TBD

  • Be sure to sign up for a time slot for the day of jury. Seniors show their garments first!

  • All garments must be in an enclosed, zippered garment bag (name on outside) - preferably clear plastic. (These bags come in suit length or gown length and can be purchased at local dollar stores. Purchase early as they run out the closer, we get to fashion show time!)

  • Have the model for whom the garment was made for wear it during the jury process. Fit is important!

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