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Designer Spotlight | Robin Ryles

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Robin's Mood Board

5 more days until the big show, and 3 more designers to meet! Let's kick off this week with Robin Ryles and her fun street style collection! Continue reading to learn more!

Congratulations on making Runway! How does it feel to know that all of your hard work is finally paying off?

I am truly exhausted! In the end, I trust God that all the time, money, and energy spent will all be worth it.

Can you explain your collection and mood board to us?

Due to the United States diverse ethnic backgrounds shaping America, cultural heritage can be replicated by association. However, when it comes to the ignorance of the dominant groups who exploit and devalue, cultures of their own dress, jewelry, cultural symbols, hairstyles, artwork, and music; the representation and celebration of that cultures heritage is taken advantage of. This practice is referred to as cultural appropriation. The objective in my collection, “Lost in Translation”, is to raise awareness within society regarding the effects of cultural appropriation and how it’s true meaning has been lost in translation.

What does REawakening mean to you?

To REawaken is to wake the woke and unawaken.

What can you tell us about your collection this year and how have you incorporated our theme?

My collection connects to the 2019 Runway theme "REawakening" due to my visual interpretation of how our society, and mainly the fashion industry often disregards the major indigenous cultures resulting in stereotypes and culture appropriation. I plan to shine light on cultural appropriation to encourage more ethical practices of exchanging that knowledge respectfully and justly.

I'm sure everyone would like a little behind the scenes on the creative process of creating your garments! Is there anything you can tell us?

I started out with researching and creating my concept to design development, creating flat patterns on illustrator and incorporating the fashion fabric. I sourced all the notions, trims, and yards of fabric I needed to execute each design. My signature design fabric was spray painted on graffiti style by a well known graffiti artist within the community. I then conducted my own model casting and took measurements from the models I chose to create patterns for each design. The only thing left from there was to cut and sew.