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Designer Spotlight | Landon Moreis

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

This week, we got the chance to speak with last year's Best Student Collection winner, Landon Moreis. This year, he is entering the show as one of our senior designers, and boy are we excited!. Since his collection last year blew away our judges and audience, we can only imagine what he is planning this year! Continue reading to find out how his collection is coming along!

How did it feel to win Best Student Collection last year?

Really rewarding, there were a few times that I got frustrated with the workload I put on myself but all my effort paid off in the end. It was also a good confidence booster, having people support my work at jury and in passing felt great. That confidence then helped me push outside the box even more for this years collection.

How do you think you've improved since the last show?

Quality, I have taken a few classes in the past year that showed me some tricks to finishing garments correctly. I also committed to my designs earlier this time around, which means I can spend more time sewing and less time thinking. This collection has a really tattered and deconstructed look, so I need to finish garments very well that way they look professional and function properly.

What is your inspiration for this year's collection?

My inspiration comes from a trip to China that I took with the FTT department in the summer of 2018. We visited an apparel factory and I was shocked at the amount of garments that were being made for fast fashion brands. As a young designer, I can not confront mass production issues at the source, but can avoid contributing to this trend by creating my work with only recycled textiles. The inspiration really comes from what can be done with materials that we already have.

What does REawaken mean to you?

Reawaken, to me, means to take something old and make it new. For this collection specifically I have reawakened donated t-shirts into all new garments.

Can you give us any hints about this year's collection?

I’m doing a lot of patchwork and appliqué to consolidate several shirts into one garment, so there will be plenty of texture. Since I’m only working with what I have been donated, my color ways are going to be very eclectic. I will also be experimenting with some of my fiber art techniques to make garment silhouettes more striking and sculptural.

Below are some behind the scenes photos and teasers of his collection this year, but you'll have to get tickets to the show to see how his work comes together!