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Designer Spotlight | Kiarra Jordan

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Kiarra's Mood Board

Our next senior designer is Kiarra Jordan! Continue reading to learn a little more about her heritage and the inspiration for her collection called "Back to MY Roots!"

Congratulations on making Runway! How does it feel to know that all of your hard work is finally paying off?

As the days go by and I realize after nearly 7 months and counting being invested into this production I am READY TO RIP THE RUNWAY. With a lot of time, sacrifices, missed meals, late nights, bad hair days, sweatpants and worst of all bad outfits I have been blessed to execute my vision through REAWAKENING. This opportunity has molded me into a stronger designer in which my collection "Back to MY Roots" represents my progress from my start to now. This process has helped me learn more about my self as I used self knowledge and lessons learned in class to develop and explore new skills in making my collection. Runway 12 will be a day for all of my ideas to come to life.

Can you explain your collection and mood board to us?

My collection is going to help develop my idea of REAWAKENING with the expression of my cultural appreciation. My garments would be constructed to compliment every female with a strong, rich attitude. Cost shouldn’t be the main focus of fashion but your preference and comfortability is what should stand out. Africa is known as the MOTHERLAND which are my roots. This concept helps interpret REAWAKENING by bringing awareness to my African roots and culture through our everyday wear. A strong representation of culture through clothing will say a lot about one’s sense of style no matter the price.

What does REawakening mean to you?

REAWAKENING is me. When I think of reawakening, it brings me to my personal space and what I want to make out of it. This year’s theme has brought me back to my history as I am a proud African American woman. Runway 12 is a chance for me to show people that we can embrace who we are as well as teaching others about our culture.

What can you tell us about your collection this year and how have you incorporated our theme?

My collection is based on cultural appreciation. I have incorporated cultural prints from Africa and brought them to life with my idea of a strong, confident woman. My looks are versatile as they are fit for any occasion based on accessories, hair and sense of style. I used the term reawakening to show on lookers that I know my history and I am #WOKE.

I'm sure everyone would like a little behind the scenes on the creative process of creating your garments! Is there anything you can tell us?

A lot of mix and matching was used to make my collection. I took numerous of styles from outfits I wore to different occasions and made them work to compliment one another. I have started 2019 developing my brand @vyfstyles on Instagram. Vyf is the number five in a language derived from South Africa named Afrikaans. Vyf represents my two sister, my parents and I as they have initiated my drive to make a diverse collection. My garments have all been made to acclaim the women’s body, cleanse the soul and walk it like she talks it. #stayTuned for Back to My Roots on APRIL 27TH.

Below are some pictures of Kiara throughout the process of creating her garments!