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Designer Spotlight | John Wesh

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

John's Mood Board

Now that we have our complete show lineup for Runway, we want to get to know a little more about our senior designers, and for the next couple of weeks leading up to the show, we will be doing just that! We already had the pleasure of speaking with senior designer Landon Moreis, so today we will be focusing on John Wesh!

Congratulations on making Runway as a Senior Designer! How does it feel to know that all of your hard work is finally paying off?

It feels good to make it to the show. There has been a lot of work I’ve put into creating this collection. Knowing my long days, nights and hours are paying off...It makes me realize I’m stronger than I think. Working on this collection has been a roller coaster and it has taught me a lot of things from sketching to completing all the garments. It feels great to see my vision [come] alive.

Can you explain to us you collection and mood board?

The WGSN trend S/S20 Empower Up is a wake-up call about what is happening around the world. Waking up each day thinking that our lives can be gone in a matter of seconds. It is something that make us afraid for our lives. We are living in a scary time, where are not save in any setting. Many young men and women lost their live though mass shooting. It is becoming a trend among us. Trough the chaos, life is challenging me to reach the unknown, in order to create a better place and provide a sense of protection. I tittle the collection “The Unexpected Amor” because I want to create innovated way for protecting through garments. This is the beginning of a movement to create a safer place for the future leaders, artist and others. This collection provides protection within garments for its wearer. The strong lines, the sharp angles juxtaposed, the bold silhouettes and novelty buttons represent new way of protection in moment of danger for the modern world. This collection is about being bold, brave and strong.

What does Reawakening mean to you?

For me, REawaking means looking back at a time that has affected us in many ways. As we move forward in the future, it is up to us innovators to create a better place.

What can you tell us about your collection this year and how you incorporated our theme?

My collection this year for Runway was inspired [by] the young people that have lost their lives through mass shootings. This collection provides protection within the garments for its wearer. The strong lines, sharp angles juxtaposed, and the bold silhouettes and buttons represent an innovative way of protection in a moment of danger for the women [across the] world. With a creative way of [offering] protection, we would be providing a safe place for future leaders and artists. I have incorporated the theme by creating an innovative form of protection through garments but still keeping it fashionable. The protective elements of this collection are made with special materials, some elements would be the interior of the garments.  With a sense of style, the purpose of the garments would stay hidden while the designs remain visible.

I'm sure everyone would like a little behind the scenes on the creative process of creating your garments! Is there anything you can tell us?

These garments were created from flat pattern drafting, draping, cutting, sewing, fitting, and hand techniques and dyeing method. Most of my garments were dyed in different natural dyes. The most interesting part of creating this collection was dyeing the garments. It was a long process to make sure all the colors matching because I did pieces dyeing.

Below are some behind the scenes photos of his creative process and sneak peeks of his collection for Runway!