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Designer Spotlight | Emari Campbell

Q&A with Emari Campbell

Who are your favorite designers?

Jerry Lorenzo (Fear of God), Marquel (Thirty-Nine Seven) who also does photography.I love what these brands stand for and the quality of these brands , stylist PAQ is a show about fashion they have fashion segments which are truly dope and inspiring. I also like Aleali May when it comes to fashion influencers.

What is your collection about? How did you use “Voices” in your collection?

My collection focused on women empowerment. Being "Resilient".

I used voices in my collection by letting society's outlook on women and what we have to endure inspire for the most part my designs are still the same. I played on shapes and kind of masculine clothing geared towards women, but if a man wanted to wear some of the pieces he could. Society has inspired my collection.

How do you think the fashion industry can improve?

Right now I am at a loss on how fashion can improve, I know fashion is a necessity, the only thing I can think of is wearable armor kind of thing. Clothing has to protect us while we figure if this virus is airborne.

How have you been able to keep in touch with your creative intuition during COVID?

I've been kind of lost. I'm dealing with more than just COVID with family. My dad was diagnosed with it so I'm scattered over all.

How will COVID affect the future of fashion?

The future of fashion I feel like relates to my response for the second question. I also think that luxury items are not going to be that much of a necessity.

Where do you see yourself within fashion as your ideal job?

God willingly I see myself on a design team of some sort eventually with hopes of having a brand of my own, styling also interests me. right now I'm for the learning process. I know I have lots to learn about the industry.

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