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Designer Spotlight | Austin Guyett

Q&A with Austin Guyett

How have you overcome the challenges of creating a collection during this uncertain time?

My life motto is “Keep moving always”. That has helped me with all of my challenges. I loved working at school a lot and it really sucks working at home but I’ve made it work. Set up a space and tables where I can lay everything out and keep everything organized. Take breaks when I get stuck or mess up. Take drives and listen to music and regain my thoughts and the direction I want to go in or what I am going to tackle next in this project. Literally just have to keep moving forward and make the most of what I have in front of me.

What is your collection about?

Essentially my collection is about me labeled "Broken Records " and trying to explain what goes on in my mind as a designer that will be explained a little more in the question below. I used original logos I made for my brand and created all the patterns on the fabric myself so everything is “Me”. My vision for this collection is to mash music festival apparel and streetwear together, two things I enjoy immensely as well I using patterns and colors on fabric that best represent me as a designer. Since music festivals and music have been such a huge inspiration to me for my designs and my life in general. I’m finally listening to the voice in my head bringing silhouettes to life that I’ve always wanted to try and make since I began designing bringing out the best representation of “Clothing By A Guy” I can.

How did you use “Voices” in your collection?

Broken records is a representation of the voice of me being my biggest critic and a constant battle I always have with myself trying to create something I 100% love. It also symbolizes breaking the that cycle and exposing my flaws as a designer to not be so critical of myself, to be confident in my work, and fully commit to my ideas.

Have you had to pivot and change your designs?

I’ve changed my designs so much. I created everything on illustrator and thought I was 100% fine with my designs and that’s what I was going to make in early December. After new years I took a look at my designs said “I hate these” scrapped everything and started over. Once I started creating everything there was some things I realized that wouldn't work. So from there I have to tweak the designs to still make them the way I wanted to even if I took out one part. From being apart of runway last year I learned that your final designs will look totally different from what you originally thought they would be.

Who are some of your favorite designers, fashion writers, stylist, photographers, etc? I honestly don't have a favorite any of those as funny as that sounds. I really have favorite artists,some that i’ll love forever or some that just really catch my eye at the time. Felipe Pantone, Chris Dyer, and Matt Mills I’d say are my favorite. Designer wise I do like a lot of different work but I really don't have one that I absolutely love.

Who inspired your collection?

Felipe Pantone, his art in general, color palette, and his one art installation with cds and the way the light reflects off of them was a huge inspiration to for my collection. As well as just me and what goes on in my mind. How do you think the fashion industry can improve? I think catering to plus size men and women is one area the fashion industry can improve. It has started a little bit but from my point of view they don't have great designs for plus size people. They have just basic things that aren't flashy, look nice, or a wide selection for those type of people to choose from. I know some brands plus size is not in their target market and that fine.But I believe if your brand is targeting “everyone” you should have plus size options for everything even if it the quantity is 10 of those items. People will buy that and your business will expand. How have you been able to keep in touch with your creative intuition while coping with Covid-19? Music is huge for me when it comes to boosting my creative side. I don't necessarily get inspired by the words that are said in songs if there are any (I listen to elm that has no words most of the time). It just gets me in the zone to work. Just block the outside world out and have it be the music and my thoughts. Running through different albums and different genres depending on how I am feeling that day keeps me focused to the point where I can look up and it will be hours later. I try to create new projects or go to previous projects and manipulate them or change the colors etc. to keep things fresh and the creative juices flowing. How will Covid-19 affect the future of fashion? I think there will be more protective wear that will make it’s way into every day apparel. Also I think there will be more virtual fashion shows. I do think fashion shows are still needed. Personally as a designer I think fashion shows are more for us to show our hard work to friends, family, professors, bosses etc. and it be a day/time for the designer to celebrate and have it kind of be all about them. Most people usually see fashion shows online after they happen so switching over to virtual fashion shows wouldn't be a bad thing. I think doing it virtually with no audience could be really cool for a designer for them to show off their individual creativeness and can set the mood they want and go deeper into the story of their collection. I imagine that the designer can pick a location of their choice and have the layout of the show be exactly the way they want it rather than going to a show with one set that multiple designers will use. Where do you see yourself within fashion as your ideal job? Ultimately, I want Clothing By A Guy to expand and grow to something big where I can work for myself but I think I’d see myself working as a designer for a brand while still working on Clothing By A Guy on the side.

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