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Designer Spotlight | Austin Guyett

Austin's Mood Board.

It's time to meet our next senior designer, Austin Guyett and learn a little more about his very cool collection!

Congratulations on making Runway! How does it feel to know that all of your hard work is finally paying off?

Just to see how everything has come together over the past 10-12 weeks is just such a great feeling. Especially being able to say I made all of that is the best part of it all. So many hours spent in the lab working, it is a really good feeling that all the hard work I've put in there is paying off.

What does REawakening mean to you?

I think REawakening has many different meanings depending on the situation, but for this REawakening to me means bringing back something to light that may have been forgotten about or something that has been pushed into the back of ones mind that is being brought back to life again.

What can you tell us about your collection this year and how have you incorporated our theme?

My collection is inspired by the Women’s & Young Women’s S/S 20 Empower Up! Get Trippy trend. For the past 3 years I’ve traveled around the country year round attending numerous different music festivals. My vision for my collection focuses on the reawakening of music festival fashion and the reawakening of psychedelic patterns reflecting on the new age of festival music as well as the free-spirited feelings of 2019 and years to come. When I say music festivals, usually the first thing that comes to someones head are mainstream ones like Coachella, EDC, and Ultra. [With my collection,] I’m talking underground festivals like Disc Jam Music Festival, Luna Light Music and Arts Festival, and Elements Music and Arts Festival, where the music that is played there is not usually in the mainstream spotlight. There is a lot of different fashion that you will see at these festivals that people won’t see unless they attend one and that is what I want to bring to the runway to show everyone. The clothes I've created are meant to be functional so women attending music festivals are able to look good while being able to freely dance to music.

I'm sure everyone would like a little behind the scenes on the creative process of creating your garments! Is there anything you can tell us?

It has been such a long and stressful process but a good stress. At the beginning I thought my drawings of the designs I wanted to do were it and I was really pushing to stick to them and make them exact as what I drew, but as time went on, the process became more of the go-with-the-flow process and kind of trial and error. I made samples of my garments out of spare fabric I had laying around and scrap seat belts, so I could see what the garments would look like and if I liked them or had to change anything as well as have my models try them on to see if it fit them first because I didn't want to ruin the custom fabric and the certain color seat belts I used for the real thing. Once I started to make my garments with the actual fabric there was little things here and there that tweaked or added as the process went on all the way up until the end. If someone were to take a picture of where my finished garments are at right now to me at the beginning of this whole process I would probably give them a weird look and be like no way.

Austin gave us some sneak peeks of his garments below and they are REALLY cool! Make sure you get your tickets for the show to see his collection come to life!