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Designer Spotlight | Amber Pollock

Q&A with Amber Pollock

Who are some of your favorite designers, fashion writers, stylists, photographers, etc.? 

Although Ive never been one to Idolize, I can say that I deeply respect and feel connected to Vivienne Westwood. A punk in the 1970's, her rebellious nature and tendency to challenge norms while promoting a sense of community and humanity is something that I can relate to and strive to do within the fashion industry as well. I feel as though we are like minded people and share the same values, and I would like to continue the work she's already done in not only disrupting the commercialization of fashion but creating to help others in need.

How do you think the fashion industry can improve? 

I believe that improving the fashion industry means slowing it down, means becoming more personalized and straying away from mass trends. I think It should shift focus on an individuals expression and away from factories. It should promote real creativity and experimentation and build personal relationships within industry providers. We should start investing more in timeless, durable and useful pieces. I believe taking steps like these will naturally lessen the industries impact on the environment while also empowering true self expression for all people.

How have you been able to keep in touch with your creative intuition while coping with Covid? 

Covid 19 has influenced me to be more creative and shifted my focus to what I already have and what I can do with it, instead of constantly looking outward for more. It has inspired me to get crafty, work on projects. I've always meant to start and gives me the space and time to truly dedicate myself to see them through. I believe it has been challenging everyone to adapt, to become resourceful and thus intensely creative and level up in problem solving. It has also shown how living while consciously aware of your resources is easier than we thought. It has shown us that we dont in fact need more, but that we have everything we really need and can do so much with it already.

How will Covid-19 effect the future of fashion? 

This experience will most definitely jumpstart a new standard of resourcefulness and recycling. Reinventing, reviving, recreating or completely altering already made goods will become more valuable and sought after than ever. Large fashion houses will no longer be as highly regarded and the individual talents and creations of designers around the world will be even more recognized. I believe this experience with strengthen the community of small businesses and designers and we will all be able to celebrate and support each others success and brilliance. Where do you see yourself within fashion as your ideal job? 

I personally would like to be able to support myself in fashion. I've always wanted to be the boss, and cant see myself working under someone else of for a company thats not mine.Though I don't have the most organized plan of attack, I just want to create art. I would like my clothes to speak for themselves, to make people feel and for my message to be heard. I would hope that it uplifts and empowers people and for that reason I recieve support and will be able to achieve my dreams, collaborate with other artist and create a better future for people, in and outside of the fashion industry. I believe the passionate people of my generation truly live to serve the world through self-actualization, as that is the only way way will we truly be able to give the world the best we have to offer.

Who inspired your collection?

My line is inspired by The Lost City of Atlantis. More specifically the Utopian society we all dream about and strive to create. To me, my pieces hold the beauty of that utopian society, and through the energy and love that Ive put into them, they radiate that possibility and through my completion of them, they inspire others to follow through with their aspirations. I want the clothes I make to say the things that words can't and invoke real feeling. More over, when worn I want that energy to transfer to that person and fill them with the knowing that they can truly become who they're meant to be and that the good things they long for are waiting for them as long as they believe. How did you use “Voices” in your collection?

Through the clothes I create, my voice is heard. Clothes will never be just clothes to me, as I know the power they can hold. Self-expression has been my first and foremost passion, fashion is how it materializes. I believe it is my purpose in this world to promote true self-expression which is much more than wearing things you like. It is a part of the process of life, it is healing from past hurts, it is learning about yourself, it is allowing yourself to be different outside of fear, it is allowing yourself the time you need to grow and not comparing yourself to others. This is my message to people and will be with everything I create. I want people to believe in themselves, to know and love themselves, and realize that we are all connected and we are all capable of good things. Have you had to pivot and change your designs?

Two of my designs have been cut from the final collection due to the shift to online learning because of Covid-19. After the shift, it was hard to transition to self-starting. As someone who often refers to their brain as scrambled eggs, staying focused has always been a challenge, and routine, though very good for me, has been hard to maintain. Soon after getting a solid work schedule down, the college ordered all students to continue the remainder of the semester at home, online. At the time this felt like my world was falling apart and I fell into despair for a moment and got right back up.

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