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Want to be a model?

Model calls are held a couple of times early in the spring semester. Show up to the call wearing close fitting clothing and a pair of heels. You will have a full-length photo taken as well as a close up of your face. You will have some basic body measurements taken and be asked your bra size and shoe size. You will also be asked to walk the “runway.”

Your name and information will then be placed into our database for designers to look through and choose. Please be prompt when called and understand that this requires your time and commitment!

All inquires please email

Time commitments and requirements for models include:


Be Flexible

Being available for all fittings required. Try to be flexible as the designer very often is required to conduct a fitting in the presence of an instructor. Please wear appropriate undergarments for your fittings - if you need to wear a strapless bra, please bring it every time.


Be Nice

We ask that you not give negative opinions on the outfit you are wearing! You are not required to like the garment but are expected to show it off on the runway. If you have concerns about how revealing the garment will be, please discuss this in advance with the designer.


Walk the Walk

Ask about what footwear you will wear - if you are to provide them or if the designer will provide shoes for you. If you have any issues with wearing and walking in high heels, this may be the time to say something! Also, bring you shoes to one of the fittings so that the designer can see what you already own. Typically, black or nude heels are the most desirable.



You are REQUIRED to attend rehearsal for the fashion show. It takes place at the Social Hall in Campbell Student Union at Buffalo State. 


Day of Show

You are REQUIRED to be present the entire day of the fashion show. Feel free to bring homework, snacks and a water bottle with you as there will be plenty of down time between makeup, hair, photograpy and the shows.



We will provide lunch & dinner. Vegetarian options will be available. Please plan accordingly. Bring a water bottle as there are refillable water bottle stations in the backstage area.

Please be aware when eating to be very careful of all the garments around you - do not eat while wearing a stage garment if at all possible. If you must wear a stage garment, then throw a towel around you to protect it while you eat. All drinks must be a "library-safe" containers - you do not want to spill liquids on someone else's hard work!


We are Grateful

Lastly, we are GRATEFUL for your help in making this show a success - we couldn't do this without the dedication of our wonderful models. You will have access to all photos taken from the show.


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