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Runway pushes for diversity and inclusion on our stage - which includes, casting models of color, models with disabilities, women, trans and gender non-conforming models, and other members of historically and currently marginalized communities that are not well represented or misrepresented in fashion. 

Runway encourages student designers to cast models of any race/ethnicity, disability, age, and gender/gender identity. 


Time commitments and requirements for models include:


Be Flexible

Try to be flexible as the designer very often is required to conduct a fitting in the presence of an instructor. Please wear appropriate undergarments for your fittings. If you don't have the appropriate undergarments, we will provide. 


Walk the Walk

Ask your designer about footwear. If you have any issues with wearing heels, please say something! Footwear for the show is usually purchased with our Runway Forever! account or by the designer.



You are REQUIRED to attend rehearsal. 


Day of Show

You are REQUIRED to be present the entire day of the fashion show. Feel free to bring homework, snacks and a water bottle with you as there will be plenty of down time between makeup, hair, photograpy and the shows.



We will provide lunch & dinner. Vegetarian options are available. Please plan accordingly. Bring a water bottle as there are refillable water bottle stations in the backstage area.

Please do not eat while wearing there designer garment (if at all possible). If you must wear a stage garment, then throw a towel around you to protect it while you eat. All drinks must be a "library-safe" container - you do not want to spill any liquids on someone else's hard work!


We are Grateful

Lastly, we are GRATEFUL for your help in making this show a success - we couldn't do this without the dedication of our wonderful models. You will have access to all photos taken from the show.


Follow us on social media: @bscrunway #bscrunway 

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