You cannot just choose anyone to model for you!

          Indeed, we do not suggest asking a friend or roommate to be your model. Often the average person has no idea how much time and commitment it takes to be a good model! Models are required to attend numerous fittings, wear garments that they may not like and still make the garment look good, be willing to wear unusual makeup and hairstyle to fit the “look,” be available for jury, fashion show practices and all day of the fashion show. This is hard work!

          All models must be approved of by the fashion show production class. Specific names will be determined early in February but Erin Habes can be consulted before hand.


          The rehearsal is an integral part of the runway show. We want to show off our students and their designs in the best possible way…as professionals!

In order to do this, please follow the instructions below:

          All designers must be available for rehearsal – if your models are there, you must be there!

Rehearsal for everyone (undergraduate students, senior designers, single item, and collection categories, graduate students, faculty, and alumni) is the day before the show. Models will have a chance to practice leading up the show with their designer and stylists.

Rehearsal - April 26, 2019 6-8pm 

          Designers and models are REQUIRED to attend rehearsal for the fashion show. It takes place at Buffalo State College Campbell Student Union.


          All potential models must have professional quality photos taken of themselves. One must be a close up shot of the face and a second one should be a full-length shot in a close fitting garment.

Obtain the model’s measurements and submit with the photographs. Minimum measurements required are: Bust, waist, hips, height. It is also smart to get their bra size (band and cup) as well as their show size for you own information.

Email all required information to This must be done early in your designing process! We will not allow unapproved models into the show!

          Also be aware that if a model behaves poorly, the garment does not fit or there is another issue, which may affect the professionalism of the show, the model may be pulled at the last minute. Take this seriously and understand that the professional image of the entirely of the department is more important that one garment. If you have concerns, it is better to ask beforehand than to wait and see what happens. You may not be happy with the outcome.


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