April 4, 2019

          Runway will be held on Saturday April 27, 2019. This event is the highlight of the year in the fashion department and many students and faculty put a lot of work into this event each year to make it successful.

          The Fashion and Textile Technology Department has an industry-based curriculum, which means that successful executives from the fashion industry are invited to serve as our jury members and judges. The Jury of Selection determines what garments will be included in the spring fashion show based on the construction, suitability of fabric used, creativity and how well it meets the needs of your stated target market. Each jury member individually determines how he/she with weigh each criteria and all scores are added together to determine which garments are included in the show line up.

          Each jury member has a different role in the fashion industry; therefore their focus will be different when they view the submitted garments. Someone buying for retail may look at the marketability aspect more closely, another juror may feel fabrication or workmanship is most important. Therefore you must take all aspects into consideration when designing/assembling/submitting your garment(s). If you are using a garment made in class, you should be aware that the criteria used for judging is not the same as is used to determine a grade. You may very well receive a high grade in a class and not make it through the jury process or vice versa.

*Note that each garment is judged on the construction, suitability of fabric used, creativity and how well it meets the needs of your stated target market. The jury is responsible for determining most of the awards given out the night of the Runway show – this is a very important part of the whole process! Awards are announced after the evening show.

*Please make note that all designers that participate in Runway MUST sign a contract at jury stating their designs are 100% original pattern and design. 

Presentation Times

Senior designers: 2:00pm - 5:00pm (Ms. Eagen will provide a time)

Student collection: 5:00pm - 5:30pm (Please sign up HERE )

Single item: 5:00pm - 6:00pm (Please sign up HERE )

Location: Technology Building 3rd floor lobby

          Students can choose to make a single item or a cohesive collection of 4 garments. The garments must follow our theme REawakening and will be presented in front of our Jury (deadline) for review.

          Since the show is always held in the spring, it is strongly suggested that spring and summer style garments be made. Past years have shown that it is very difficult to get a winter garment past jury. Here is a list of guideline to follow in order to be successful going through the jury process:

  • Fill out an application.

  • Label each outfit with your name, type of garment, and the fabric used.

  • On a 4x6 index card write a short description of the garment. The description should not be longer than 30 seconds if read out loud. Turn in the application to Erin Habes or one of the department Adminstrative Assistants.

You MUST be present during the application process

  • Dress professionally

  • Bring the completed application

  • You will be reading a short statement about your design and how it fits this year's theme

  • Know your target market (really think about this)

  • Garments must be 100% completed and assembled by the student who is submitting the item.

  • Be sure to sign up for a time slot for the day of jury. Seniors show their garments first.

  • All garments must be in an enclosed, zippered garment bag (name on outside) - preferably clear plastic. (These bags come in suit length or gown length and can be purchased at local dollar stores. Purchase early as they run out the closer we get to fashion show time!)

  • Have the model for whom the garment was made for wear it during the jury process. Fit is important!


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