Push for Progress

Welcome speech
Student Producers

Jessica Piper & Jenny Kuschke

Spoken word

Africana Studies Major

Jayla Phillips

Dance scene 1 

Naila Ansari

Assistant Professor Theatre Department and Africana Studies


Buffalo State Dance Program

Alumni Designer

Peter Olonade

Single Item

Lisa Siemer Harvey

Rakym Andres

Jakilah Greene

Amani Karam

Kayla Figueroa 

Deconstruction/ Reconstruction Workshop with Rashaad Holley '19

Styled by Taylor Coleman

Upcycled Workshop with Brook Bergland

Styled by Taylor Coleman

Ves Baird

Lisa Siemer Harvey - featuring Radar

Anthony Rick

Johnny Olatunji

Alexis Remington 

Fiber Arts

Styled by Taylor Coleman

Hollie Roberts

Luis Maisonet

Kifaya Albayed

Paula Carver

Beau Winslow

Amber Albayed

Maria Reid


Cameron Johnson

Hannibal Mullen

Ashley Fidler

Student Collection

Rakym Andres

Ashley Fidler 

Brooke Blakely - SS22 OGLXRY

Visuals by OGLXRY and styled by Kayeelah Ephraim

Fashion Film 

By Get Fokus'd Productions

Dance scene 2

Naila Ansari

Assistant Professor Theatre Department and Africana Studies


Buffalo State Dance Program

Senior Collections

Cameron Johnson

Styled by Kimori Jamison 


Styled by Eddie Anders & Jayden Santiago

Atiya Lino

Styled by Aichatou Soumahoro 

Jack Thomas

Styled by Johnny Olatunji 

Jessibel Velazquez

Styled by Skye Mckelvie 

Student Directors 

Maggie Gates & Lauryn Fairer

FTT 452 Fashion Show Production Class

Student Producer - Jess Piper & Jenny Kuschke

Creative Director - Mia Panzarella, Rakym Andres & Skye Mckelvie

VIP Director - Cynthia Hampton 

Marketing and social media - Isabelle Hillestad, Paisly Farnum & Jessa Syracuse

Thrift 2 Fight Coordinator - Sara Marczynski

Stylists - Kayeelah Ephraim, Kimori Jamison, Johnny Olatuniji, Aichatou Soumahoro, Skye Mckelvie, Eddie Anders, Jayden Santiago, Taylor Coleman & Jakilah Greene


Introduction: FTT faculty Erin Habes & Ali Eagen 

Eastman Foundation Endowed Scholarship

Elaine Polvinen Endowed Scholarship

Marion Thomas Swenson Scholarship 

Black Fashion Scholarship 


Best Use of Color

Push for Progress

NYC Sustainable Fashion Week

3rd Place Senior Collection

2nd Place Senior Collection

1st Place Senior Collection

Best in Show

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